Sunday, November 22, 2009

UFO landed - End game

I walked out from the office

I saw them landing. Their futuristic space cruisers gently touching the ground.

I was not in an "alien friendly" mood. UFO hoax pisses me off the same way as national movement warriors, conspiracy theories or managers, who float above all working people.
I was afraid, that they would approach me with their arms full of eternal spacial love.
I wandered away, into deserted plains of Madrid suburbs, climb ov
er the hill and got into the bar.
There was a man with tattoo all over, a skeleton face behind the glass and two rattlesnakes.
I felt good.
I wrote some slimy poetry and fell out.

Aliens already started to spread havoc on the streets.
It arrived to me.
"I am an UFO and I bring you eternal love from
the sky," said and gave me his dead, wet, cold, fish like small hand.
I passed him by, paying no attention to his prolonged bullshit speech.

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