Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Clash with police

The sun was shining. I headed towards my car. Then I realized the door was open. What the fuck, I must have left it open yesterday… shit… I must have been pretty drunk… oh well, that means everything’ll be completely cleared out.
Some legs were sticking out of the car.
I saw a man going through the glove department.
I couldn’t believe it, fucking asshole, WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS!!!
I got pissed.
I ran to the car.

I had no idea what I was going to do. I grabbed the door and slammed it as hard as I could. The man inside was trapped. He began to scream in pain. I was holding onto the door and almost not breathing. NOW WHAT!? I watched the man inside the car. I assumed he’d try to push on the door from the inside but he wasn’t at all. Instead he was looking for something in his breast pocket. Oh fuck, he’s reaching for a gun!!
He was having a hard time doing it though because his body was caught between the door and the car frame.
I looked up at the window of a house above. Something was going on there. I saw the old lady who lives gesticulating.
I looked back in the car. The guy was pulling his hand out of his breast pocket.
I leaned on the door with all my strength to cause him as much pain as possible.
The guy was screaming but eventually managed to pull his hand out. He was holding an ID. The letters read: Police of the Czech Republic. Another guy appeared in the building window and said:
“Police, hands up!”
He said it just for the heck of it because he didn’t have a gun.
Jesus fucking Christ… NO… I can’t believe this, what the hell’s going on…
I released the door and the man tumbled out of the car.
He leaned against the car and said:
“Your ID, driving license, and registration from the car.”
He put his ID back in his pocket, so I had no idea if he was a cop or a thief.
Because I grew up in a police state, I began to cooperate immediately.
They went through my information for a while. Meanwhile I found out that the old lady I saw in the window knew them and was their friend… they managed to get me where I belong, on the defensive, they were threatening to take the car away because it wasn’t locked… and some other bullshit.
“And what were you looking for in the glove department?”
“Anything,” the cop answered.
I registered his look towards his buddy and my knees buckled under me. He wasn’t taking anything from there, he was PUTTING THERE something!
They realized that I realized.
“All right, here’re your papers, next time, keep your doors locked… lock your little car,” said the one I had pinched with the door not that long ago.
They disappeared around the corner. I looked up to the apartment window where one of them was before. I saw the silhouette of the old lady behind the curtain. I’m sure she was the one who called them, she wants to destroy me for some weird reason, they planted drugs in my car or something else… and in few seconds different cops with sirens will rush to the scene, and I’ll be fucking SCREWED.
I jumped inside of the car and opened the glove department. Nothing. Then under the seats. Nothing. In the doors. Nothing. Nothing whatsoever. I calmed down. I heard a siren, it was getting closer. I felt a jabbing in my heart. That’s it, this is the end. Eight years for drug dealing, no parole. My whole body trembling, I was feverishly trying to find out where they put it…
And WHO is it that wants to destroy me???
A police car emerged from behind the corner. I knew that if I farted at that point, I’d definitely shit in my pants.
The car passed by. Nothing happened, the cops weren’t even looking outside. I stood alone on the street once again.

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