Wednesday, December 10, 2008


DererBand played in the czech rock bar Na Slamniku on Monday, 10.12.2008.
DererBand still doesn't have a percussionist, but does have a dancer.
That's very good.

DererBand plays around one hour. Those songs are fairly funny, sound like mix of James Blunt, Madonna and Motorhead. But it's mix of Derer, Mandelik(guitar) and Mach.

The crowd were by the bar, and other people dancing.

We kept in mind the importance of the DATE so we performed our best. best. dot.

If we rip the text apart, we get over Challenge Yourself never be me up to the catchiest refrain: Esta nuestra calle, no venderan, Esta nuestra calle, no pasaran.

Our aggressive, no-compromise attitude made DererBand one of the instigators of the developing CZ pub rock scene, but our idiosyncratic approach rarely follows any single musical genre with the group exploring a variety of musical styles including electro, latin, punk rock, gothic rock, and new wave through to the pop

From Charlie, water blue eyes and big belly up to poetic Had to kill her.

From Mexico city, band will take us through the jungle by it's dead percussion up to Argentina, where everybody has got Camisa negra with Honey.

Honey is made of an old stupid rhyme honey-money, which is propably still an expression for a sense of life for someone.

Funny man, underlined by it's apparent absurdity and a genre obscurity, would set out on the trip to rape Little girls into Czech republic.

Meditative Road can't save a total crash of the decadence.

Only if everybody would sing Challenger, sandwiches and bitches...

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