Thursday, November 13, 2008

Letters from Ireland

My dear, I've been writing these notes during my journey to make the best of the flight from Prague to Dublin.
And than I´ve continued writing too...
I always write a diary, maybe once I become a novel writer!
My visit to the country of patriots is not accidental. Certainly you remember, my dear,when we talked about patriotism and love for a nation.
An when I said the Irish whiskey is the best.

I don't drink Irish whiskey, rather I do sympathize with these people. Nation who loudly and clearly voted against European euthanasy & anarchy.
Against demons of a new dictate of social para-intellectuals.
I love these folks who love that whiskey.
I feel like one of them.
But, that's enough...

I met the prime minister yesterday. I've asked him whether he plays tennis.
He answered NO, but complained about his nickname.
My dear, I've got no clue of what does that mean...BIFFO. (big,ignorant,,from Offaly)
But I told him I feel to be a Biffo too.
Perhaps it means... irish dissident, and I feel like such a dissident too!
Than he said some call him also Gruffalo.(grumpy, rude, uncensored,,from, around,Laois, Offaly)

I delighted him saying I fell to be a Gruffalo too.

Than I lost interest. I told him I lost interest to talk to him, because he said he lost interest to talk to me before.
I called my old buddy from Russia, Declan, remember...?

I know him a long time, he is an excellent fellow. We met first when he funded the biggest lumbering company in Russia.
Already by that time I enjoyed him telling smart about his love for Russians and their forests.
It's impressive he also makes a great business with American army. He made more than 200MUSD like that!
Consider this, my dear!

We could buy our own castle for such a cash!

He is a real dissident and I will always join such a dissidents.

I am drawing to a close...

Ahhh, I am tired of being alone in my battle.

But don't worry, my dear.



BlueFairy said...

I love your Czech writing! I can't say the same about your stuff in English though. Sorry. Get someone to translate this Czenglish into English, pleeeaaaase :o). Seriously, it is of a rather poor quality.

derer said...

Thanx for this comment.
I dont know anybody, so I cunt really do much about it.