Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Japan. HAARP. The truth is out there

I’d like to spread the truth, which is apparently out there.

The earthquake in Japan has invoked a tempting tension among the people. The tension is stronger than the tension of those earth plates which caused the apocalypse.

The Riders of the Apocalypse saddled their carnivorous horses and gazed hard at all mankind.

Indeed, this didn’t evade those who posses a special gift to unveil truth, conspiracy and future, compared to us normal people.

They raced along the shadows of the earthquake victims to quickly inform everyone that the world as we know it is an illusion and seeing that we are scared of their truth, they will identify it for us.

Because they know it and they are not afraid.

They point their apocalyptic fingers towards the HAARP system, installed in Alaska.

Undoubtedly a fearful weapon in the hands of illuminates, rockefelas & rotschilds, vestured
in white velvet gloves, provoking quakes in Chile or Haiti, was finally able to hit Japan
wanting to get rid off WWII reparations.

We learn with our eyes wide open the details of global conspiracy, which leads us behind
the borders of our imagination - maybe even behind the borders of our Universe.

The HAARP signal will fade in by ionosphere (VTF), electromagnetic waves in the
range of 2MHz - 12MHz will propagate brutally a few miles through the ocean (VTDF) and
vibrate the world in the same manner as a piano tuner (VTTF).

The lunatics will explain brilliant negation of physical laws by omnipresent rotschild & bilderberg and also some funny videos on YT can be used. Those videos can be today created by 12 year old kids, but who cares.

Indeed, there is another theory as well. It says the quake has been invoked by a vibrator of Rita Skeeter as she fell asleep during the session and consequently forgot to switch the machine off.
Both conspiracy theories posses the same level of credibility.

The Riders of the Apocalypse place their trumpets to their mouth and blow. They will get back 3MW discharge of HAARP as an echoed answer.

Riders´ moon-faces bones start vibrating and in place of mankind assault, they sweep down on UFO.
UFO are a peace-loving nation - riders have no issue and easily cut lovely ETs to pieces and
sell them to global conspiring banks and this will resolve currently ongoing financial crises.

This theory is in line with current human theory of knowledge - but, it is also a dangerous theory and people are afraid of it, as exactly these facts are concealed by global world establishment & mainstream.

"Oraculum, we are here to discontinue you by decree of the Roman emperor Theodosius
and we have one last question."

"Umhh, and what’s that?"

"Is anything going to happen when we terminate you?"

"Fucking nothing."

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