Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Czech nazi

"Jake almost got beat up last night"
"Around thirty nazis assaulted them...they all had weapons."
"And guys?"
"They were all five, Bon got beat up...nazis chase them down to the city center, had beaten them in a tram, nobody said nothing, they said that to policemen, they hadn't done nothing...
I talk to my wife across the whole world about this shit. And than I thought, what is the Czech nazi all about.

"Czech nazi is a brave man, who is able to raid on few "something to think of" guys, when he fancy to mill. Important is number of nazis to be higher than number of victims.

"Czech nazi is a motherfucker, who runs off if he would have to stand off face to face to someone and explain him, by his own words, what does he mean by being nazi.
That is to say, that he doesn't own anything like "own words."

Czech nazi-motherfucker is a cop, who is happy, that other Czech nazi-motherfucker does his national and racial job they way he would like to do it, but can't.

Czech nazi is a slime, who says, that Czech gypsies were happy in the concentration camp Lety(during 2WW), as a matter of fact it was recreation camp.
Those who were unsatisfied down there suffered plague and that is why entire society led by Czech collaborationists and German invaders had to protect itself.

Czech nazi underline the matter of national interests. But, if tanks arrive either from East or West, he starts crying and jumps up on the first one he spots and join himself immediately to the invaders.
The worst what could happen is him jumping by an accident on a Czech tank.

Czech nazi is a Czech patriot - that's why he admires Adolf Hitler.

Czech nazi likes arms and violence. When someone use the same against him...so he begins to cry.

Czech nazi would love to stand up on the Gibraltar rock and shoot down the people who swim over the strait. It sounds OK to him, because we have to defend our nation.
The problem is that he has never been out behind the Czech boarder so he can't orientate himself and moreover he doesn't know, where the Gibraltar is. Neither does he know, what it is.

On the other side, Czech nazi knows everything. Knows, that the black man comes from a monkey whereas white man comes from a white man.He knows it, because it's that way.

Czech nazi will seriously tell you that the Czech national flag reflects a Jewish symbol and it's absolutely necessary to fix it up.
As a proof he submits Main Kampf and Daniken's bullshit about extraterrestrians.

Czech nazi roll himself into the Czech national flag and set off for a street. He's proud of being a Czech citizen and makes himself up by shouting loud "Who doesn't jump is not a CZECH."
Than he jumps.

Czech nazi is also a dirt eater, who will never help anyone. When he sees a group of people beating someone, than he won't help, neither he will call police, better he calls his girfriend and says: "Immagine, honey, I just saw group of people beating someone badly bleeding."
And she would say: "Hope, you didn't interfere with anything!!"


Iveta Zivna said...

From the end: In this modern time noone help you if you'll in blood on the street.
Czech nazi are right Black people come from monkey's white from normal persons.
White parents teach you obedience not stealing stuff from people and shops.
This people don't cry and never runaway. They are the ones who run for them (gipsy)
I don't know who write this but I think you never seen nazi in action. If you'll, you'll writing different way about them.
I used to live in gipsy city all around only this people. They call us racist, but when I seen that people on the street I didn't start screaming ,,Fucking Black muzzle'' but they start screaming on you in shop, post office, police everywhere ,, Gadzo''(Theit dictum for white people) but we are racist, noone can't say to them anything.
That's why I'm happy for that ,,motherfucker'' how you call them.
So Try understand them....

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